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Winners of the 2016, 5-Gun Raffle

*** (draw date was          2016)




1st     Cyn Greenstein - 375 SAKO

2nd   Carrie Johnson - 308 Savage

3rd    Darcy Horaues - 50 cal. Muzzleloader

4th    Tyler Derow - 223 Mossberg

5th    Pete Kryzanowski - H & R Shotgun




Winners of the 2015, 5-Gun Raffle

*** (draw date was October 25, 2015)




1st     Kevin Reynolds, Yorkton, Sk

2nd   Sheri Zelko, Melville, Sk

3rd    Graham Bindle, Perdue, Sk

4th    Claude Beaulieu, Fort QuAppelle, Sk

5th    Jim Gorman, Saskatoon, Sk




2014 Conservation Raffle Winners

*** Draw was made on October 26, 2014



1st     Sabatti 20 G. o/u Shotgun >>  Will Franks, Maidstone, SK


2nd    Encore Muzzleloader  >> Jon Iverson, Moose Jaw, Sk


3rd     Kimber 7mm Rifle >> Jordan Allard, Prince George, B.C.


4th     Hawa 22 - 250 Rifle  >>  Dave Parsuik, Kruoki, Sk


5th    Winchester 12 G Semi Automatic Shotgun  >> Greg Lane, San Clara, MB.




2013 Conservation Raffle Winners


*** Draw was made on October 27, 2013



1st     Citori 410 O/U shotgun >>  Randy Wiebe, Weyburn


2nd    SAKO 22-250 rifle  >> Dan Wiebe, Saskatoon


3rd     SAKO Bavarian 300 WSM rifle >> Shawn Dickie, Wolesley


4th     SAKO 270 WSM rifle  >>  Colton Brucko, Regina


5th    Beretta 12 guage, camp pump shotgun  >> Nash Wandy, Melville







2009 World of Whitetail Conservation 5-Gun Raffle


at White City Gun Show


Prizes: Winners


2009 MEMBERSHIP GUN WINNER > Roby Sharpe, Yorkton, SK




1st     Beretta Shotgun 686E SPTG 12 Guage:  Winner > Ray Gosselin, Prince Albert, SK


2nd    Tikka T-3, SPFLD, LAM/Stain, 30-06:  Winner > Leslie Lambert, Prince Albert, SK


3rd     Remmington 700, SPS, Camo 7MM-08:  Winner > Des Mollison, Indian Head, SK


4th     TC Triumph 50 Cal., Blue/610 Muzzleloader:  Winner > Ray Schachtel, Regina, SK


5th     Savage 93R17-BTVS-17HMR: Winner > Raymond Cochin, Saskatoon, Sk



Ticket Prices:  1 for $10.00; 3 for $25.00; 5 for $40.00; 15(book) for $100.00


For tickets please contact any of the World Of Whitetail Directors,


Harold Lang        (306) 789-8382

Joe Warbeck      (306) 789-4860




December 2008 RAFFLE WINNERS




1st     Browning, black/stainless, Cynergy, 12 Guage Shotgun: Winner >  Kerry Yuzik (Ticket # 0968)


2nd    Browning, stainless/synthetic, 300 A-Bolt, win.mag.rifle:  Winner > Gideon Hofer (Ticket #4033)


3rd     Browning, stainless/synthetic, 270 A-Bolt, short.mag.rifle:  Winner > Jay Murray (Ticket #1707)


4th     Browning, stainless/synthetic, 243 A-Bolt, win.mag.rifle: Winner > Neil Peters (Ticket #4235)


5th   Triumph Muzzleloader: Winner > Jim Wilson (Ticket #4082)


EARLY BIRD PRIZE >  Zeiss 10 X 30 BT Binoculars:  Winner > Jim Yonge (Ticket # 2408)





Kerry Yuzik, 1st Place Winner (Browning Cynergy, 12 Guage Shotgun)


As per Sask. Liquor and Gaming Authority provisions, if any of the above winners cannot be contacted by April 12, 2009, after reasonable effort to contact them, there will be another draw for that respective item at the April 2009 meeting of the WOW Board of Directors, at the Seven Oaks Hotel.





1st      17 cal. riffle (Early Bird Draw):  Winner >  Blair Torgerson, Saskatoon, SK


2nd      Shotgun:  Winner > Murray Derbowka, Borden, SK


3rd       300 Browning Rifle:  Winner > Wade Spencer, McLean, SK


4th       7mm. Remington Rifle:  Winner > Dianna Brooks, Creighton, SK


5th       Muzzleloader:  Winner > Doug Wilhelm, Regina, SK






March 3, 2007

World of Whitetail Conservation Quad Raffle


     Winner - Ed Charbonneau (Roblin, MB)




Kevin Charbonneau picking up Quad for his father





1st       Panasonic TV:  Winner >  Phyllis Mueller, Regina, SK


2nd      270 Weatherby:  Winner > Damon Newson, Regina, SK


3rd       Bradley Nailer:  Winner > Riley Korolchuk, Clair, SK


4th       Digital Camera:  Winner > Sherry Argue, Regina, SK




Damon Newson(baby), winner of the 270 Weatherby




2004 Conservation Raffle Winner:

Kevin Omoth

Lumsden, Saskatchewan





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